Nostalgic me

This project reminds me when I was a freshman.
Ready, get-set, go…!
Draw them as fast as you can, said my classmate. Drawing Class one of the most boring class of all time
when we were young. Face, hair, hands covered with pencil dust and charcoal. The best things we can do was
finished it nice and fast, so we can have our spare time to enjoy our campus life outside Bangkok.

Up to now, I just realize how lucky I can draw. Time passed, the most boring class turn to be my favorite activity that fulfill my daily life. Keep my eyes off from monitor grab the paper & ink no more naughty girl with dirty face. My drawing illustration turn into department store’s shopping bag soon reveal to this world. Just a bit more coloring process. Can’t wait to own one lol.

special thanks be>our>friend studio


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