actually, i am …


Finally, Today is D-day to compose my blog.

And now I’m saying “holla” to everyone that drop by here (accidentally is included).
After I took a light-year for naming it! after asking a load of friends.
At the end I came up with

“ptmn” (from my name – Patamon)  but it’s not available – – –
So next stop is “ptm”, but it’s too short…
What should I suppose to do now- 3.30AM very early morning?
One of my beloved friend suggested me to add “s”.

But for what the.? What a difference between “s” or without?
With “s” is better? Do you think so?
I instantly  get an answer from my beloved(?) friend
With “s” we can go to bed NOW! seriously!…

That was my and my sleepy groggy friend conversation last night
with our beloved subconsciousness

Now we will go straight to “ptms” analysis system :p could be

  • Patamon’s
  • Patamons (a lot of me)
  • Patamon Stories

And also sounds like

  • EMS – Express Mail Service
  • PTT – Push to Talk
  • PTTP – Petroleum Authority of Thailand
  • PMS – Premenstrual Syndrome (terrific!)

Thus, to be simply me : “Patamon”  … still sounds like one of Digimon.
(Patamon (パタモン) is a Digimon creature from the Japanese Digimon media franchise.)

After all,
Here we go **

last but not least – “ptmh” – please to meet you here 8:)


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